Spring 2009

Here are the profiles of the previous board, the 2009 Spring Executive Board.

Jasmine Suk Lyn Lim

Chapter President

President Jasmine
Nickname: Jazzy Jas
Hobbies: Ultimate Frisbee, Dancing
Major: Communications/Public Relations
Member Since: Spring 2008
Favorite Music: Singer-Songwriter Artists like Michelle Branch, Brandi Carlile, Jason Mraz and John Legend
Goals: Graduating from UCLA or USC, Maintaining a good, healthy & fun life after I graduate.
Hits: Lying down on the beach, Cooking, Eating & Hanging out & Having fun with friends, Being under the sun
Misses: Ants, Cold Weather, Un-fun people

AGS is filled with opportunity and is forever progressive. It has given me the greatest opportunity to expand my abilities as a student leader outside the classroom and I am confident that AGS will do the same for you too. My most memorable AGS moment would have to be at our last membership social when I made more friends with other AGS members and had free food and a full day of fun! My goals this semester include reaching out to the quality of membership and excavating their interests towards volunteerism and AGS activities. Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society involves giving back to society by various means - your involvement is what makes us an honor society. I look forward to befriending all of you and seeing you at all our events. This semester, Be recognized as AGS: Excellence, Knowledge, Wisdom. "I AM AGS!"  back to the top?

Garbo Tat

Internal Vice President

Internal Vice President Garbo
Nickname: Pandabear, !xongo, Pongo, Garbonzo, Beanie, G, Fargo, Garboil, Fatbo...no more, no more....
Hobbies: Facebooking, IKEA-ing, collecting state quarters, making funny African sounds, reading
Major: Political Science
Favorite Music: Indie, alternative, rock - Radiohead, Rilo Kiley, Modest Mouse, Sun Kil Moon, Damien Rice, Calexico, Bright Eyes, Depeche Mode
Goals: To succeed in life and to improve AGS.
Hits: one-dollar bookstores, free concerts, movie nights, Pasadena City Hall, Flea Markets, hugs.
Misses: Yucky bugs, getting bad grades, cleaning my room, slow computers, driving less than 55 mph on freeways, people who can't move their finger one inch to signal while driving.
What do I do in ΑΓΣ: Serving as the AGS's Internal Vice President, I hope to increase campus awareness of AGS Honor Society mainly through Club Week. I also assume the duties of the president in the absence of the latter, however, my greatest duty is to plan and coordinate AGS's biggest event: Sink-A-Scholar! If any member is interested in obtaining hours through joining my Sink-A-Scholar Committee, please come talk to me and I will happily assist you. :)

Hello new and returning AGS members! Thank you for joining AGS Honor Society and Welcome! It is with a great honor to serve you as your new Internal Vice President. As i was the former Recording Secretary and InterClub-Council Representative any concerns, comments or questions can be raised for me and i will gladly assist you. I hope the coming semester will be a semester filled with great experience, adventure, laughter, and new friends! "I am AGS", are you?  back to the top?

Cristina Abadia

External Vice President

External Vice President Cristina
Major: Business/Communication
Most Memorable AΓΣ Experience: My most memorable AGS events would have to be the PCC flea markets, because a lot of AGS members normally show up and you get to know them individually.

I just want to let you all know that I am a very easy going and friendly person who loves to get to know people, especially people involved in AGS. So feel free to approach me if you want to talk about anything; it does not have to be AGS related. I'm excited about starting the spring semester, and look forward to developing a rapport/friendship with a lot of you.  back to the top?

Wendy Juh

Recording Secretary

Rec.Sect Wendy
Major: Business/Communication
My Most Memorable AGS Experience: is the PCC flea market. Usually, most members would attend this event and help to raise funds for scholarship. This is a great opportunity to meet more friends!
What do I do in AGS: is to record members? community and AGS hours and update the hours once a month. I will also check who qualifies scholarship and permanent membership..

Vivian Chan

Corresponding Secretary

Corr.Sect Vivian
Major: Communications
Member Since: Spring 2008
What I Do in AGS: As the Corresponding Secretary, I record the minutes of what takes place in each meeting, and other recording aspects of AGS.
Welcome to AGS! This honor society offers many opportunities for you to become an involved student in both your community and school. Activities range from tutoring and mentoring to fundraising to ushering. Volunteering can be really fun, and is a great way to meet new friends. Make sure to check out the calendar, which will be updated with event dates and details. And finally, come out to the socials-- we can all get to know each other better!

Kathlyn Dino


Treasurer Kathlyn
Major: Business/Accounting
Member Since: Fall 2008
Most Memorable AGS Experience: is definitely AGS Flea Market. From this event alone, I met so many, incredible AGS members! I enjoy being placed into groups to fundraise for AGS because we get the chance to practice our public skills; and, we get to know our own members more during the conversations we make along the way.
What I Do in AGS: to keep track of AGS money as accurately as possible.
It's amazing how many members we have in our club, and it's my pleasure to be serving as AGS treasurer for this Spring 09!

Kathryn Joy Mak

Fundraising Coordinator

Fund. Coordinator Joy
Major: Business/Accounting
Member Since: 2008
Most Memorable AGS Experience: Memorable Kodak moment, the four of us were walking around selling krispy kreme and we bump into WENTWORTH MILLER ~ how awesome is that!
What I Do in AGS: As the Fundraising Coordinator, my job is to organize event's such as the Rose Bowl Flea Market and Krispy Kream sale's in order to raise money for scholarships which will be awarded to AGS members.
"I.am.AGS."- YEP, that's you and me. Everyone here is amazingly unique and talented, not only are we all high achievers and role model to fellow peers, most of all we want to serve and give back to the community as well. I would love to see new members actively involved in AGS and definitely together create "memorable" AGS experience. Back to the top?

Jonathan Choi

Marketing Director

Marketing Director Jonathan
Nickname: Jonathan, Choi, or shrimp (that's what i was called back in elementary)
Hobbies: all physical activities, poker, movies, grocery shopping, coupon clipping like a typical Asian, learning something new, traveling, grubbing, making that paper.
Major: Communications, SPPD
Member Since: Spring 2008
Favorite Music: Korean pop, Trance, sometimes rock
Goals: getting into a prestigious university, have a job I will enjoy and succeed in, marry someone SOOO beautiful that everyone will be jealous, and live a long and healthy life.
Hits: Lakers, Dodgers, HEROES! (maybe just Hayden Panettiere)
Misses: not having a license, regretting things, missed opportunities, feeling miserable
Most Memorable AGS Experience: yet to come. Will it be with you?
What I Do in AGS: As the Market Director, I am your leader and organizer of the monthly Flea Market events. Our job is to raise money to give out Scholarship awards. So, get ready to sell.
I encourage all members to be assertive to give a helping hand by participating in various community service hour events. I will try my best to facilitate all the AGS members needs to complete the requirements we all need. Do not hesitate to come talk to me for anything. I am open to any questions, comments, and concerns regarding AGS. Thank you. Back to the top?

April Causapin

Publicity Art Director

Publicity Art Director April
Nickname: April, AJ
Hobbies: Piano, guitar, reading, volleyball, swimming, watching TV
Major: Nursing
Member Since: Fall 2007
Favorite Music: Lifehouse, John Mayer, Gabe Bondoc, Goo Goo Dolls, Jason Mraz
Goals: Get a Master's degree in Nursing, Become a better pianist and guitarist, Have a good life.
Hits: Gossip Girl, beach, horror movies, ABDC, Mitch Albom, crepes, travelling, The Hills
Misses: hot summer days, waking up early
What I Do in AGS: I create the newsletter for AGS. I provide news and information about upcoming events, socials, and?members of the month.
Being a part of AGS has been a fun experience for me and so far, my favorite AGS experience was during the monthly PCC Flea Market. In this event, we do not only help raise funds for AGS but we also get to interact with our fellow members. I got to know most of my AGS friends through the PCC Flea Market. I love being in this event because we get to play music, chat, eat "KRISPY KREME" donuts (yeah!), get to know each other and joke around. So, I hope to see you guys there! For SPRING 2009, I will be serving AGS as its Publicity Art Director. My job is to create the T-shirt design, make flyers and banners to announce upcoming meetings and events and promote awareness of Alpha Gamma Sigma on campus. I am hoping that you will all have a BLAST this semester!!! Have fun!!! Back to the top?

Henry H. Ammar

Activities Coordinator

Act. Coordinator Henry
Major: Business w/ concentration in Real Estate Development and minor in Entrepreneurship
Member Since: Fall 2008
What I Do in AGS: Set up community service event and socials.
AGS has most of the brightest and talented students at PCC. It takes scholarship, leadership, and service to be in the club and it is an honor to be a part of it. We each have the capacity to make a huge difference wherever we are.If we look past ourselves, we will see ?the unlimited potential that we have to make some great changes happen.Let's make it happen! I am AGS! You too ;) Back to the top?

Peter Huynh

Technology Coordinator

Tech. Coordinator Peter

Nickname: Peter
Hobbies: Watching anime, Photography (New!)
Major: Computer Science
Member Since: Fall 2007
Favorite Music: Rock, alternative, ambient
Goals: Get into a good school (yeah, my expectations went down), get my BS, determine the meaning of success and achieve it.
Hits: Hard independent workers, people who know how to cut through the crap, good leaders, organizations with a cause.
Misses: Worries, people who can't do what they supposed to do on time, Reality TV, people who don't do/say the same thing
What I Do in AGS: I maintain and update the website, providing a means for all members, regardless of their schedule, to stay connected with AGS 24-7. I also facilitate internet communications between all members and the board, as well as answer e-mail questions and help resolve member issues.

Hello everybody. This semester, we're looking for a few good students to help AGS. Several new committees will be presented alongside all the ones that many of you already know and participated in. Through committees, you will get to know a smaller group members with a similar interest and work with them to run events, develop projects, investigate new ideas, and play a direct role in molding AGS for future generations. This is a practical and social experience that you can't find in books. Back to the top?

Amie Juhn

Newsletter Editor

Newsletter Editor Amie
Nickname: Amie
Hobbies: Watching movies absolutely all day long, taking strolls down places that resemble New York such as Old Town, and reading up on the latest infuriating news
Major: Film major/ Women's Studies minor
Member Since: Spring 2008
Favorite Music: John Mayer. and almost anything used in So You Think You Can Dance!
Goals: Transfer to a 4-year university for film school/women's studies, possibly graduate school, possibly Peace Corps, and become a writer-director.
Hits: SNL. Mountains in the winter. Fine dining. Airports. Old Town Pasadena. New York!
Misses: Papayas. Most romantic comedy flicks. and flies.
Most Memorable AGS Experience: was when I helped organize last semester's banquet, and after a month of careful planning, the night?s events went almost nothing as planned.
What I Do in AGS: See for yourself.
AGS is not only great for becoming a lot more active in your community than you could have ever imagined, but also to develop invaluable leadership skills with opportunities such as becoming a board member, participating in our special committees, and to take it upon yourselves to join an academic/community service-based club for the right reasons. Back to the top?

Harman Goei

Assistant Technology Coordinator

Ast. Tech. Coordinator Harman
Hobbies: Playing the guitar, web programming, listening to my music
Major: Computer Engineering/Science
Favorite Music: Alternative Rock
Goals: Graduating from a good school, becoming successful in my future career.
What I Do in AGS: I help maintain and help update the website. At the same time, I also am AGS's forum administrator. With the forum and the website, I also try to ensure the latest updates about AGS would be here as quick as possible.
If you have any questions about the website or the forum, please feel free to ask me, whether in person, or in the forums. I am AGS! Back to the top?

Keith Gibson

Inter-club Council Representative

ICC Rep. Keith
Nickname: Kage, KG, Gibby
Hobbies: Film, Sports, Traveling
Major: Psychology
Member Since: Fall 2007
Favorite Music: All Kinds of Rock, Zeppelin, Muse, Radiohead, etc.
Goals: Getting a BA, a graduate degree, starting a business, making films.
Hits: Movies, playing/watching sports, concerts, beaches, hanging with friends.
Misses: Traffic on the 110, lack of sleep, most reality TV, intolerance, irrationality, blah.
What I Do in AGS: representing AGS in the Inter-Club Council, chartering AGS as a club and obtaining AGS funds from Associated Students.
I would like to get to know as many fellow members as possible, so please feel free to approach me with any questions or concerns, or just to introduce yourself. Back to the top?

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