The 2015-2016 Executive Board

Here are the profiles of the previous board, the 2015-2016 Executive Board.

Terri Nguyen

Chapter President

Member Since: Fall 2014
Major: Biology
Goals: Live with mom and dad, pursue a Medical career, have a cat and name it Dumpling.
Hobbies: Bowling, ice-skating, tennis, solving rubix cubes
Hits: Having been born into the greatest family, eating food with Green tea flavor, seeing sport cars, hanging out with friends
Misses: Spiders, darkness, the consequences of my carelessness and thoughtless words
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: Spending a marvelous night at AGS's Christmas Party in 2014.

Maria Rodarte

Internal Vice President

Member Since: Fall 2013
Major: Psychology
Goals: To transfer, be happy, and adopt many animals
Hobbies: Colorguard, dance, watching movies, site seeing, and playing with dogs
Hits: Pizza, makeup, performing, shopping, writing, fan of the band "Queen", "Friends" fanatic
Misses: Flaky people, procrastination, onions, people who abuse animals, disrespectful people
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: Bonding with AGS members at Spring Convention in 2014 in San Jose, CA

Brandon Ma

External Vice President

Member Since: Fall 2014
Major: Economics
Hobbies: Music, film, swimming, hiking, traveling, excercising and learning
Hits: Finding good music and food, and new places to see
Misses: People with bad attitudes and lack of ambition.
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: so far is every little moment spent working together with everyone to help the club move forward.

Ellie Oliver

Corresponding Secretary

Member Since: Spring 2015
Major: Television production and operations
Goals: Get into a good film school and become a successful multimedia.
Hobbies: Colorguard, hanging out with friends, photography, and traveling
Hits: Elephants,easygoing people, and excitement.
Misses: People who disrespect other people's time.
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: Spring Convention 2015

Katrina Villacisneros

Recording Secretary

Alexys Carter
Member Since: Spring 2016
Major: International Relations and French
Goals: To obtain my degree and work for the United Nations or the government/international NGO, check off everything on my bucketlist, treat my family to numerous travel adventures going to new places.
Hobbies: Traveling, playing instruments, listening to music, volunteering, arts and crafts, meeting new people
Hits: Planning surprises, being surprised, road trips, spontaneous hangouts, spending time with family and friends, visiting new places, organizing and implementing events, worship, sunrise and sunsets, learning new languages, eating and sleeping
Misses: Disrespectful and irresponsible people
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: When I became part of the 2015-2016 Executive Board. I’m excited to meet new people through ΑΓΣ and to learn from ΑΓΣ. I’m also looking forward to check out all our volunteer events, specially the TV tapings.

Moira Selena Viola


Member Since: Fall 2015
Major: Business Administration
Goals: Earn a Bachelor Degree in Accounting/Finance from a top university and become the Chief Financial Officer of a Fortune 500 company
Hobbies: Photography, Piano, Badminton, Going on adventures, Trying new foods, exercising at the gym, volunteering
Hits: Sleeping, electronic music, Food, flowers, anything blue, Zumba
Misses: Lateness, Lack of dedication, People who cancel plans by the last minute, Heights, dancing
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: I won an AMC giftcard by going to a TV taping of Young and Hungry. I remember being very hungry and cold during the taping but I had a lot of fun and laughs.

Victoria Quach

Activities Coordinator

Alexys Carter
Member Since: Spring 2015
Major: Biochemistry
Goals: Transfer and explore the world.
Hobbies: Hanging out with family and friends, volunteering, traveling.
Hits: Spontaneous adventures, good food, and my pets.
Misses: Bugs, traffic.
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.

Amanda Awan

Fundraising Coordinator

Alexys Carter
Member Since: Fall 2014
Major: Chemical Engineering
Goals: Exude happiness wherever I go
Hobbies: Badminton, Movies, Ice Skating, Procrastination, Finding the perfect quote for everything
Hits: New experiences, Playing “remember when”, Standing up for what you believe in
Misses: Milk, Mornings, Mediocrity
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: Alpha Holiday Mixer 2014; meeting new people, making friends, and realizing what a great family AGS is.

Jasmeet Singh

Marketing Director

Member Since: Fall 2015
Major: Business Administration
Goals: Transfer to USC, and become involved within the business world. I plan to work within a startup post-graduation.
Hobbies: Chess, weight lifting, boxing and traveling
Hits: Protein shakes, sleeping in, rock climbing, soccer, and desserts
Misses: People who aren’t reliable, or ambitious
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: As of now, the initial AGS meeting, just because it was simple and my first legitimate experience with everyone. It was here that I actually met most of the members, and got to know more about us. Although, I know the fall banquet will be fun, so I’ll stay in tuned for that.

Imelda Rocha

Publicity Art Director

Member Since: Fall 2015
Major: Nursing
Goals: Transfer in 2017 to attend USC and finally move out on my own!
Hobbies: Scrapbooking, cooking, and shopping!
Hits: Being a board member of the best club EVER!
Misses: Negative/rude people and not knowing how to swim.
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: Being selected as Publicity Art Director and being welcome by everyone!

Ashley Sere

Technology Coordinator

Member Since: Fall 2014
Major: Business Administrations
Goals: Be able to manage a health care facility as a Health and Service Manager. Additionally, having the time to volunteer for the ill and elderly.
Hobbies: Biking, watching television shows, eating, sleeping, and having conversations with friends and family : )
Hits: Relaxing moments with nice and easygoing people
Misses: People that constantly bring down others through people's mistakes
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: The beach bonfire at Dockweiler Beach

Justin Ploysangngam

Assistant Technology Coordinator

Alexys Carter
Member Since: Fall 2015
Major: Computer Science
Goals: Transfer to a four year university.
Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, playing games, and having fun.
Hits: Food, jokes, chill people
Misses: Traffic, inefficiency, tomatoes.
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: Haven't had any just yet but hope to have many answers to this question by the end of the semester.

Jenny Chuang

ICC Representative

Member Since: Fall 2013
Major: Nursing
Goals: Transfer, get a degree, and ultimately get a good career.
Hobbies: Ski, swim, bike, social media, graphic design, volunteering, hanging out with friends, marketing and communication related.
Hits: Everything besides the misses.
Misses: Everything besides the hits.
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: Spring Convention 2014

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