The 2011-2012 Executive Board

Here are the profiles of the previous board, the 2011-2012 Executive Board.

Jermaine Ee

Chapter President

President Jermaine Ee
Member Since: Spring 2010
Major: Sociology: Politics
Goals: To make a difference
Hobbies: Piano, Photography, Filming, Automotive, Travel
Hits: Polyglot! And, I participate in Flash Mobs :)
Misses: My natural response[s] to someone cutting me off on a freeway.
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: Watching Finnegan dance!

Krissi Mena

Internal Vice President

Krissi Mena
Nickname: Godzilla, and Weird Child are the only ones I can remember being called recently
What I Do in AGS: Making sure teachers either get pied or get drenched in water every semester is my duty! It is a day students get to make teachers eat pie/drink water and get away with it. Along with that I also recruit newbie members for Club Week--Initial members are so adorable!
Member Since: the universe was created
Major: Mechatronic Engineering--AKA super engineering! It combines 4 types of engineering.
Goals: to build a live gundam to take over the world and eat every kind of food there is, except the kind that still moves when you try to eat it! It makes it so much harder to eat!
Hobbies: Pokemon-must catch them all!, eating other people's food, sleeping in the library when no one is looking, poking inanimate objects, staring at things until they move, and running away from people who look like this: >:) that is the look of EVIL
Hits: Piggie back rides, free samples, bacon, monkeys, rubber ducks, nerdy pick up lines, buffets, and Pokemon of course!
Misses: I miss the day when there were only 150 pokemon! Now I have to catch like 1000 of them before I become a poke master.
Favorite Music: Banana Phone, Ultimate Showdown, Kitty Cat (the one that dances!), and the Chocolate Song
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: The day I was adopted by Tiffany Chan! I became her daughter and she dubbed me Weird Child right after I traded someone an oreo for a chip. My obsession with food was revealed to her after I saw a girl passing by with a pizza box and charged after her to see if there was any left. We ended up getting the rest of the box and starting eating the pizza! It was greatest day ever! It involved free pizza!
If you need to contact me, my email is and my number is (818) 720 2899. Texting is preferred.
Feel free to poke me if you need any help! I want to ensure you guys have a great time in AGS!
Remember the value of volunteering, if you do then everything you do in AGS is not worthless. If you think AGS is worthless then you have forgotten the value of volunteering. Don't ever forget guys :D
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Gustavo Bueno

External Vice President

External VP
Nickname: Gus
What I Do in AGS: Crush Skulls!
Member Since: Spring of 1932
Major: Finance (Make all of the money!)
Goals: To become the CEO of 'Merica!
Hobbies: Swimming, random math, facebook, socializing, cramming, The Daily Show and Colbert Report.
Hits: KBBQ, BrBBQ, BBQ, Kabobs, Pork Ribs, Lamb Ribs, Veal Ribs, Short Ribs, Tri tip Steak, T-Bone Steak, Tenderloin Steak, Bacon, Bacon, Bacon, Shrimp, Crab, Lobster, Octopus, Eel, Lazanha, Guacamole, Chipotle bowl, Domenicos, Taco Trucks, Apple Juice, Grape Juice, Orange Juice, Jamba Juice, Acai, Acerola, Boysenberries, Blackberries, Blueberries, Pinkberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, Passion Fruit, Cookies, Brownies, Cotton Can, Venti Iced Vanilla Mocha Coconut Frappuccino with 2 Shots of Espresso and Whipped Cream on Top.
Misses: Hun?
Favorite Music: Alternative Rock, American Rock, Brazilian Rock, Classic, Dance, Dubstep, English Rock, Electronica, Electronic, Flamenco, Hard Rock, Hip-Hop, Indie Pop, Pagode, Reggae, Rock, Salsa, Samba, Tango, Trance, etc..
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: Anxiously waking up ticks before the alarm. A quick shower to refresh the skin, my stomach happily working on breaking down the breakfast just gobbled in and luggage that has been repacked time and time again in hand, I exited my home with my mind elsewhere. I spent virtually the whole drive to campus cooking up ideas as to what was to happen the coming days. Taking a deep breath and my last few steps before the long trip, midway encountered a good friend doing the same. Loaded my luggage. Got on the bus. It was official: I am on my way to San Jose! The 2012 AGS Spring Convention trip was 'a go'! We began with our famous chant that would portray itself throughout the trip: "What team? ALPHA!" And after such all was history. I have heard unimaginable news of glee for this staring event that I was soon to attend and it was all ever so truthful, no such event has ever been so inspiring and noteworthy!
"Imagination is more important than knowledge" - Albert Einstein /// "Dif tor heh smusma." - Commander Spock
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Briana Nakawatase

Recording Secretary

Briana Nakawatase
Nickname: Bri
What I Do in AGS: I keep track of everyone's hours. Please be patient with me! :)
Member Since: Fall 2009
Major: Animal Biology or Marine Biology
Goals: Become a veterinarian or marine biologist, help other people and animals, travel out of the country, stay organized and get your hours updated frequently!
Hobbies: Snowboarding, volleyball, softball, volunteering at the Pasadena Humane Society
Hits: late nights, long heart-to-heart conversations with friends, the wintertime, breaks from school, sleeping in, music, facebook, writing, math, science, the ocean, coffee, chocolate, dogs, forgiveness
Misses: waking up early (especially for school!), extremely hot weather, people who intentionally ignore others
Favorite Music: I'm open to anything, but I'm not a big fan of heavy metal or tacky country music.
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: Spring Convention 2011!
Being a part of AGS has been such a rewarding experience. Keep up all the hard work and make the best of your time at PCC! :)
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Daisy Garcia

Corresponding Secretary

Daisy Garcia
Nickname: None
Member Since: Fall 2011
Major: Business Administration concentration in Finance & Accounting. I'm also a Pre Business Law interest
Goals: To be the best me I can by pursuing my academic and professional goals while being a good role model to my peers and a good citizen to my community.
Hobbies: Family, Frinedship, Swimming, Running, Swewing, Baking, Cooking
Hits: Good humor people, ambitious people, food, wine tasting, ice cream, sports (NFL, MLB, NBA)
Misses: Negative Energy
Favorite Music: Alternative Rock, Hip Hop, R&B
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: Becoming ΑΓΣ Corresponding Secretary, I'm just really excited to be part of this great community of students striving to be committed to their education and community all at once.
I believe in power of the mind. So I say to you if you believe in yourself, in a dream, in something, pursue it with commitment and you will achieve it. Keep your mind positive!
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Tom Leung


Tom Leung
What I Do in AGS: I take care of business. Any money-related issue are handled by me.
Member Since: Fall 2010
Major: Undecided
Goals: Become the dark overlord of the whole universe.
Hobbies: Poke fun of anything in anywhere at anytime.
Hits: The stuff white people like listed on "" and the stuff Asian people hate listed nowhere.
News. Politics. The Daily Show and Colbert Report. George Carlin. Louis C.K.. Science. TED conference. MIT opencourseware. Reddit and 4chan.
Racist, sexist, politically incorrect, cheesy jokes. Random references and memes.
Video games, Anime, Menga. I am a huge fan of Gundam and Kamen Rider (google them please).
Basically any thing interesting and exciting.
Misses: Sarcasm. Hypocrites. Irony. The mainstream. (See what I did here?)
People who is cereal about everything.
Favorite Music: Classical music: Chopin, Mozart, Beethoven, etc.
Electronic music. Japanese and Korean pop.
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: One sunny flea market in mid-summer.
I partnered up with amazing girls who bewitched every sellers and visitors.
People were stuffing money into our pockets like there was no tomorrow.
We ended up earning a record-breaking amount of money that will never be topped any time soon.
A while later I asked other members about these two mysterious ladies,
but no one had seen them before, and no one have ever seen them ever since.

Chillex and enjoy yourself in AGS! Remember, you paid for it.
Come talk to me about anything, because without me, your life is just aweso.

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Keira Song

Fundraising Coordinator

Keira Song
What I Do in AGS: Fundraising money for AGS to help with the scholarships; TV tapings
Member Since: Spring 2011
Major: Business/Accounting
Goals: Own my fragrance/perfume as my name "Keira Song"
Hobbies: piano, shopping; collecting shoes
Hits: Fashion, roller coaster, coffee, Harry Potter, math
Misses: forget things; not punctual; stress out; panic
Favorite Music: Any music as long as played by Lang lang (An amazing, awesome, popular Pianist)
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: last spring AGS banquet

Jennifer Yang

Marketing Director

Jennifer Yang
Nickname: Jenn
What I Do in AGS: I am in charge of the Flea Market on the first Sunday of every month.
Member Since: 2011
Major: Journalism or Communication
Goals: To travel the world.
Hobbies: Playing the piano, reading, listening music, playing sports, eating and shopping
Hits: being able to do things that i value, love and enjoy.
Misses: Wasting time; unable to control everything in my life; overly emotional and stressful
Favorite Music: Classical, Country and Pop.
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: Working in the Newsletter Committee and 2011 Spring Banquet.

Austin Kang

Publicity Art Director

What I Do in AGS: I design the t-shirts and flyers for AGS with Oshin Edralin. I also decorate the display cases in the C Building. I also chair my own Publicity Committee.
Member Since: Fall 2011
Major: Undecided
Goals: To travel the world and visit exotic and exciting destinations.
Hobbies: Singing in choirs, singing, watching new movies and television shows, reading, hanging out with friends, and eating new and delicious food.
Hits: White Collar, Suits, Modern Family, dancing, singing, musicals, chemistry, swimming, baking, cooking, and trying the latest food discovery/fad! .
Misses: procrastination, LA traffic, dry reading, and extreme weather.
Favorite Music: Anything but heavy rap and rock and roll. I'm interested in a lot of different genres and would love to listen to/share music with any fellow members!
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: Volunteering at the Union Station Mini Carnival. It was great to just have fun and make these children's afternoon by spending time with them.

Have fun in AGS! I know that the Service Hour Requirement might look like a lot or seem like a drag to some people, but the friends and members you meet in AGS are PCC's best! Time really does fly when you're having fun and the Service Hours will be done in no time! :)

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Oshin Edralin

Publicity Art Director

Nickname: Oshin
What I Do in AGS: Promote chapter awareness: making banners and films, keeping track of AGS Wear inventory
Member Since: Fall 2011
Major: Economics
Goals: To give my 101% in all that I do, to play the piano and speak Spanish fluently
Hobbies: Film-making, Photography, Playing sports, Travel
Hits: Doing things I love
Misses: Forgetting my house keys
Favorite Music: Classical
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: Donating my hair to Locks of Love, the 2011 Fall Convention and Spring 2012 Convention!

Matthew Sprott

Activities Coordinator

Matthew Sprott
Nickname: Matt
What I Do in AGS: I collaborate with outside organizations and AGS members to schedule events (such as park days or blood drives) for AGS
Member Since: Fall 2010
Major: Film
Goals: I plan to get an Associates in Cinematography after Spring 2012, transfer to a four-year, and get a Bachelor's in film.
Hobbies: sports, watching movies, reading science fiction
Favorite Music: Christian
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: Independence Day at the park
Don't be reluctant to get your hours completed, but rather come to events with an open mind and heart.
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Finnegan Pitchford

Technology Coordinator

Finnegan Pitchford
Nickname: Finn, Finja
What I Do in AGS: Develop and maintain the website, direct the Assistant Tech Coordinator.
Member Since: Fall 2009
Major: Computer Science
Goals: To study machine consciousness
Hobbies: Spending time in nature, thinking, watching music videos on youtube
Hits: A good thought, the bible, the mysteries of life
Misses: Irresponsibility, forgetfulness
Favorite Music: AFX, Nick Drake, Akira Yamaoka
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: Working with the Newsletter Committee to make the Alpha-Bits Newsletter.
Feel free to talk to me any time. Tell me if anything on the website or elsewhere on the web can be improved. Email
I beleive that AGS really helps its members and the community. Show some spirit! Volunteering is a lot of fun for me. I hope it will be for you.
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Krishna Rajagopalan

Assistant Technology Coordinator

Krishna Rajagopalan
Nickname: Krish, Magic Man
What I Do in AGS: My responsibilities include managing the AGS Newsletter Team, updating the AGS website, and sending out weekly e-mail blasts to the entire AGS community.
Member Since: Spring 2011
Major: Communications
Goals: Transfer to a 4 yr school, Support whatever community I live in, visit all 50 states (I've already visited 18 of them), travel around the world, and work in the field of my choice.
Hobbies: Traveling, Eating in various kinds of restaurants, reading, kayaking, visiting museums, writing
Hits: Working out, Basketball (watching as well as playing), hiking, watching movies (comedies especially)
Misses: Math homework, Failing the DMV road test twice, rainy weather (which explains why I live in LA and not NYC)
Favorite Music: Country, Hip Hop, Classic Rock, Jazz
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: My most memorable AGS experience has to be the Spring 2010 banquet because it was a culmination of the entire semester's activities put on by AGS for the AGS community. It provides many memories as well as ideas as to what we at AGS can do to make our organization unique and special for our members.

If you happen to know of someone that is in need of a club to join or even an extracurricular, please mention AGS because it provides multiple benefits. First, it makes the AGS community larger and more diverse so everyone can take part in AGS collectively. Second, a potential member that choose to join will find that they are able to unleash their hidden talents (by contributing to the organization through an array of committees) as well as meet a diverse group of people that all share a common goal of serving the community they live in. Third, the more people that join AGS the more likely it is that each of the board positions will be filled so future members will have a chance to hold a leadership position (not to mention it also looks very good on your transfer application).
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Michelle Lee

ICC Representative

Michelle Lee
Nickname: Some of my close friends call me Michers! I love nicknames!
Member Since: Fall 2011
Major: Undecided, but I love English, Sociology, & Philosophy so far.
Hobbies: Spending fun times with friends and fam, reading, art, eating, chillin' - I'm down to visit places, mission trips to Mexico, braiding bracelets, & knitting, watching my favorite shows and good movies!
Hits: smiles & laughing, sunny afternoons, jesus, running around- playing games like murder in the dark, mocha coffee at Starbucks, Chipotle bowls, taco stands, listening to kevin and bean, playing bananagrams & words with friends- challenge me if you dare, reading a good book.
Misses: rainy days, putting my backpack/bag on the floor, needing to sneeze
Favorite Music: Rock & alternative! but I like other genres too. Some of my fave songs: Safe & Sound by Capital Cities, Getting Into You by Relient K, Lisztomania by Phoenix, Tongue Tied by Grouplove, and more!
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: Volunteering at the L.A. Rock n' Roll Marathon in Fall 2011 at 5am! It was so early but so worth it! I helped pass out medals at the finish line & had the chance to see LOTS of people, some of whom were famous runners. The best thing was watching all those people run in halloween costumes! I wrote an article about this event in the AGS Newsletter- check it out!

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