The 2010-2011 Executive Board

Here are the profiles of the previous board, the 2010-2011 Executive Board.

Share Lin

Chapter President

President Share
Nickname:Share, Ms. Share, Sharebear
Hobbies: Playing sports, games, facebook-ing, bicycling, and eating delicious foods
Major: Pre-Meds / Nursing
Member Since: Spring 2009
Favorite Music: Hillsong United, David Crowder Band, Taylor Swift, Sara Bareilles, Colbie Cailiat, Miley Cyrus, SHE, Wang Le Hom, 2pm, adam lambert, and Ratatouille soundtrack.
Goals: To travel through Europe and Asia.
Hits: Making people happy and spending quality time, shopping for good deals
Misses: Very impatient, has OCD
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: AGS Banquets, and pulling an all nighter to help out at the Rose Parade for a straight 11 hours, having meetings with the board, and AGS SOCIALS!!!
What I Do in AGS: Keep AGS in good and stable conditions by making sure the board is on track, the members are on board, and that AGS can provide the best service to our campus, community, and city, moreover to maintain and strengthen AGS's diversity, culture, excellence, knowledge, and wisdom.

Hello everyone,

It is my pleasure and honor to be the president of Alpha Gamma Sigma this year. I believe this honor society will bring you as many opportunities and leadership experience as I had have in the past. One of my most memorable time with AGS was attending the socials and events because I had the opportunity to meet very brilliant people who had similar goals as me and love volunteering. I met most of my best friends here, and I hope you will too. As your president, I am confident that AGS will become the best part of your stay at PCC for we have many big events waiting for you to cherish with us. Be a part AGS and together we can give the best services and enjoy volunteering together in our campus and community. Hope to see you all at our events! Be AGS! Excellence, Knowledge, and Wisdom!

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Logan Thomas

Internal Vice President

Nickname: Loggie, Logi Bear, Loganberry, Wolverine.
Hobbies: Living, loving, thinking, traveling, reading, running really really long distances, sleeping, and eating lots and lots of vegetables (especially bell peppers)!
Major: Philosophy
Member Since: Fall 2010
Hits: Other vegetarians/vegans, my fellow board officers, my friends, my favorite animal- the platypus, leadership, working out, rainy days, sunset, sunrise, seeing sunset and sunrise all in one day, dedication, The Beatles, surprises, quantum physics, Harry Potter, and you if you're out there working on the mysteries of life, growing as a person, and bettering the world one moment at a time!
Misses: 7 o'clock classes, arrogance, ignorance, and TV.
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: Wow! Where to start!?! I suppose that two of the most outstanding experiences I had would have to be being voted member of the month in October and attending the Fall Banquet last semester. I was so excited when I was nominated for member of the month that I remember calling my mom and a whole bunch of my friends right after the planning meeting while literally jumping with joy. As for the banquet, it was just a great way to end the semester, being there with some of my closest friends and the hardest working people I know. To end the semester being surrounded by people like that simply served to affirm my conviction in the boundless capabilities of humanity when our hearts are open and we unite for a common purpose. Go AGS!!!
What I Do in AGS: My primary responsibility lies in running the largest AGS event, Blast-A-Scholar. In conjunction with this duty I lead the Internal VP Committee (which, incidentally, is exceedingly fun *hint*hint*), run meetings when our illustrious President is indisposed, take charge of an event here and there, and help out in any way I can!

Marco Valadez

External Vice President

Hobbies: Community Involvement (YMCA Mentorship Program; Upward Bound Tutor), Involvement in the Arts (Museums; Theater; Cinema), Reading
Major: Economics and Chicano Studies
Member Since: Fall 2008
Hits: Being a leader, helping others (especially the youth), academia, professional development, spiritual growth
Misses: Public Speaking, Missing Church, Judging Others, Spreading myself too thin
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: When we volunteered with AIDS Walk. It made me feel as though one person can make a difference.
What I Do in AGS: As External VP, I am in charge of soliciting businesses for sponsorships and donations. I also organize member attendance at T.V. tappings

I am honored and privileged to be your External Vice President. I will do my best and more to uphold the excellence, knowledge, and wisdom that AGS represents. I am driven to make sure you are pleased with my leadership. I am here to serve you.

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Tiffany Chan

Recording Secretary

Hobbies: Breathing, sleeping, writing, simming
Major: Undecided
Member Since: Fall 2009
Hits: Music, nice people who appreciate people and other things, vegetarians, being organized, being around people I enjoy the company of, being amazed, snails, elephants, helping people.
Misses: Writing yucky essays, (very) rude people, racial, sex, gender, age, mental illness discrimination s, any type of injustice
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: Working with the recording committee, selling donuts/chocolate bars, the AGS board member election(!), and meeting awesome new people :D
What I Do in AGS: I'm responsible for recording your hours. Sorry, I don't take bribes.

Hello everyone! I hope this year you treat everyone with kindness and respect as well as learn good lessons and gained awesome leadership/volunteer skills.

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Erica Barraza

Corresponding Secretary

Nickname: E-Rickler, Gertrude, Frenchessca
Hobbies: ACTING! Studio cycling, running, origami, reading books on psychology, listening to ebooks, finding new and inventive ways to challenge myself physically, singing in the shower and in the car, yoga, meditation, making a fool out of myself with my ridiculous dance moves, creative writing/poetry, witty banter,
Major: Psychology
Member Since: Spring 2010
Goals: To find a way to use what I know in order to best help and serve others because nothing is more fulfilling to me than making others happy and being able to put smiles on the faces of those around me.
Hits: Ordering bottomless cups of coffee at Denny's until all hours of the night, compulsively inserting a British accent into random points of conversations, being hopelessly amused by the treasures attained at thrift stores, staying up all hours of the night watching Indie films and critiquing them with fellow film lovers.
Misses: Unrealistic expectations, procrastination, stress
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: I've had so many amazing and rewarding experiences during my time in AGS but I must say that raising money for AGS by selling refreshments to hungry and parched customers at the Flea Market is an event I can't help but look forward to every month.
What I Do in AGS: I record and publish the minutes for the AGS meetings, make members applications available for meetings, update the bylaws after ratification, and basically act as chapter historian.

Joshua Buenrostro


Nickname: Josh, Papito, Joshy
Hobbies: Basketball and all other sports, writing poetry.
Major: Business Administration/Economics
Member Since: Spring 2008
Favorite Music: Mostly Hip-hop but I listen to everything Rock, R&B, Classical, you name it.
Goals: Transfer to USC or LMU, obtain my MBA, work in the field of my choice and help others in any way I can by creating a non-profit organization or offering my services to a non-profit(apart from my job).
Hits: Working out, reading, traveling, cooking, basketball, making people laugh
Misses: Flies<<< Especially when they try to get all up in your food GRrR! Waiting in long lines and having someone say, " They just left, please come back tomorrow"
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: Volunteering at the Los Angeles Regional food bank and at a "Wine, women and shoes" auction for planned parenthood.
What I Do in AGS: I collect membership dues and reimburse members who have spent their money for AGS. I keep track of the money earned and spent in AGS as well.

Marissa Sanchez

Fundraising Coordinator

Hobbies: Working out, swimming, going to the beach, reading, watching CNN, sports sports sports, volunteering with kids yeah!
Major: English
Member Since: Spring 2010
Hits: Sleeping in, politics, going to concerts, watching a good game, trying new food, movies
Misses: Waking up when it's still dark outside, ANY SPICY FOOD
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: I haven't really been around long enough to have one but I look forward to the many that are sure to come this year!
What I Do in AGS: I basically take down the minutes for every meeting and keep the bylaws updated.

You guys are an amazing group of people who do so much for our community - keep up the great work guys! If you have any questions about anything feel free to ask me anytime.

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Tracey Nguyen

Marketing Director

Hobbies: studying at Starbucks, chatting with friends, working at my restaurant, watching chick flick movie, calling home and talking with my family
Major: Psychology
Member Since: Spring 2010
Hits: learning new things everyday, traveling, going hiking, hanging out with family and friends, reading/watching the news, museum, Pho Lemon, sushi, watching psychological shows, AMC, Macys, being business minded, being random and flexible with myself & others
Misses: restaurants where they put lemon in my water; ignorant and unsupportive people; continuous rainy days; not being able to come home during holidays; green onion
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: My 1st flea market was fun. Lots of stress from donut counting, but everything turned out awesome!
What I Do in AGS: I manage our sale at the flea market, which takes place on the 1st Sunday of every month. Our revenue goes to AGS scholarship for members, and I'm so glad I can help AGS raise fund.

Hi everyone! Don't just try to complete your hours without realizing that you guys are making a big impact on our community. Every volunteer work we did made a big difference for others. Keep that in mind & I hope you all enjoy your experience in AGS.

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Lindsay Lewis

Publicity Art Director

Hobbies: Going to concerts, taking photos, sleeping, eating, living.
Major: Art/Design
Member Since: Spring 2010
Hits: Compassionate/funny people, free concerts, yummy food, Audrey Hepburn, good music/movies, random acts of kindness, aesthetically pleasing things, equality, Star Wars, traveling,sunny summer days, the possibility of world peace, family/friends, creativity, passion, Bob Dylan.
Misses: Mean/non-funny people, when I spend all my money at concerts on t-shirts/posters/food/etc., food that isn't spicy enough, bad music, movies about vampires, ugly clothes, gloomy days where it looks like it should rain but it's not, cold weather, conflict, ignorance, boring days, rules and regulations, time limits, awkward silence.
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: Relay for Life. We got there late at night and couldn't find anyone to sign in with. So we set up a tent, ate a bunch of candy, and went to sleep on the field. I felt so sick after eating the massive amount of candy, yet I still had a lot of fun.
What I Do in AGS: Market AGS to others through flyers, t-shirts, display case, and other visual aids. Basically in charge of all visual aspects involved with AGS.

I'm not sure If anyone reads these but if you are and have any questions about AGS, feel free to ask me. I hope I can successfully promote AGS through aesthetically pleasing ways that people enjoy. Thank you all AGS members for taking time to help others.

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Talia Ireland

Activities Coordinator

Hobbies: Going to the beach, cooking, reading, surfing, and tanning.
Major: Communications
Member Since: Spring 2010
Hits: Laughing, family, friends, USC Football, L.A. Dodgers, ocean, high heels (the higher the better!), stand up comedy, Italian, Irish
Misses: Crying and Lifetime Movie Network
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience:
What I Do in AGS: I organize all the activites, such as socials and community service events. I am basically the party planner of AGS!

Benny Yong

Technology Coordinator

Hobbies: Programming, read the news, surf the web, making people laugh, go shopping in Fry's Electronics.
Major: Computer Information Systems
Member Since: Spring 2010
Hits: Responsible people, people who care about their studies, comedy, technology.
Misses: Loud noises, essays, cold weather, fish, sweet food (except ice–cream), bad grades, smokers, alcohol.
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: The LA food bank. I enjoyed working as a team in order to the people in need. I learned how blessed all of us are by having a plate of food every day. This community service was really fun, but it was a wake up call at the same time.
What I Do in AGS: I basically help maitain and update the website. I'm sometimes assignet to do make an e-blast (I will try my best not to spam your inbox). I also provide new resources to my fellow board members in order to ease their jobs, so they can provide a better service to our AGS members. Finally, I'm in charger of publishing and distributing a newsletter

Whenever you do your service hours, don't do them because you need hours to get your notation. Do your service hours thinking that you will learn something new that will last for all your live.

Don't let anybody tell you that you "can't." If you have a goal, go for it. At the end, it is you who make the final decision.
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Finnegan Pitchford

Assistant Technology Coordinator

Nickname: Finny
Hobbies: Listening to music, playing computer games, talking on the phone.
Major: Undecided.
Member Since: Fall 2009
Goals: One of my goals is to have about 10 kids in a religious household
Hits: Being busy, eating healthy foods, religion, good thoughts.
Misses: Negativity, television, being sick.
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: Out of all of the events, I had the most fun at The Sierra Madre wine tasting.
What I Do in AGS: I attend board meetings, events, and fundraisers. Please contact me if you wish to contribute to the newsletter or to be on the newsletter committee. My other duties as Assistant Tech Coordinator are found in Article V Section II of the bylaws.

Remember to eat enough fruits and vegetables and get enough exercise.

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Moazzam Saleem

ICC Representative

Hobbies: Basketball and any other sport
Major: Business Administration
Member Since: Fall 2009
Hits: Sports, Music, Humor, Shoes, Poker, Movies, Parties, Politics, Food, Lakers, USC, Family and Friends, AGS
Misses: Bad days, HW, Waking up early, Driving with traffic on the 210, Haters
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: My first AGS social. This is where I made my first AGS friends and became really involved in the club.
What I Do in AGS: I represent AGS at the Inter-Club Council meetings, assist the President in chartering AGS as a club and obtain funds for AGS. I also serve as an advocate and liaison for AGS to Associated Students.

It is my honor to serve AGS this year and together we truly can make a difference. I look forward to meeting as many fellow members as possible, so please feel free to approach me with any question or concerns, or just to introduce yourself.

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