The 2009-2010 Executive Board

Continuing the tradition started by former Technology Coordinator, Harman Goei, it is the honor of 2009-2010 Technology Coordinator, Benny Yong, to present the list of the past Executive board Fall 2009 - Spring 2010.

Victoria Bian

Chapter President

President Victoria
Nickname: Her Royal duchessnesseness (appended!)
Hobbies: ballet, sobbing over korean dramas, oil painting, stuffing face with asian munchies
Major: Communications, emphasis on Asian Pacific American Studies
Member Since: Spring 2009
Favorite Music: keri hilson, lily allen, hillsong united, black-eyed peas, KOREAN: davichi, 2am/pm, FTisland, much much more.
Goals: congresswoman by day, professor by night.
Hits: everything korean. no seriously, everything.
Misses: people ignorant of global warming, crazy made-in-china plastic packaging, skunk roadkill
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: AGS Banquet. Oh the sweat blood and tears that went into planning this little monster. But the turnout was worth it. :)
What I Do in AGS: To the best of my abilities: ensure that my board is doing their best to ensure that our members attain the most out of their experience in being a part of the Alpha family. I'm the mother hen to mediating between any and all problems, so that any conflicts among my board and between the membership family is resolved neutrally and justly. I take so much pride in being the poster child for AGS, and I hope to instill that honorable red and gold passion and philanthropy in you too.

Sharing those same feelings of honor and privilege that my board feels, I will give my word to devoting this semester to the philosophy of true generosity that will benefit and inspire both parties- the club and our members. Our AGS experience to you will be one hopefully inspired by immense love and guided by humble knowledge.

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Olivia Mekdara

Internal Vice President

President Victoria
Nickname: ommo, C, Ole, Clem, liv, via
Hobbies: gui-tar, studying at starbucks, learning new languages, exercising, ultimate frisbee, keep president vicot
Major:Linguistics, with a possible emphasis in Anthro or Psych
Member Since: Spring 2009
Favorite Music: classic and rock alternative; coldplay, led zeppelin, the beatles, muse, queen, feist, regina spektor, and so much more; anything you can dance to; i LOVE musicals!
Goals: Transfer to USC, figure out where I want to go to Grad School, make money!, improve AGS, humanitarian work in underdeveloped/Third World countries, study abroad in Europe!
Hits: vegetarianism, rainy days, traveling, French, ketchup, TCT, late nights with the friends, tolerance, movie nights, late night ultimate frisbee games, meeting new people, museums!!!;
Misses: snakes, thunder and lightening, rude people, humidity, ahmad, traffic, automated flush toilets (such a waste of water), kitchen trash in the bathroom trash can
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience:my first AGS social, rollerskating! it's where it all began! i met so many people and became an active member since then. plus, my girls of TCT (lauren & jo!) were bright-colored tights and got our groove on! :)
What I Do in AGS: Blast-a-scholar fundraisers, club week, and other duties; goals: to expand the size yet maintain the quality and hope to inspire all the members to take on community service projects on their own/after they leave PCC

Never doubt the significance of your contribution and service :) You may feel like one small person, but it is the collective efforts of each individual which can make a greater difference. I am honored to be serving as the Internal Vice President to you hardworking and selfless individuals! Please feel free to approach me anytime with comments or questions! I hope you all enjoy this semester of AGS!

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Ivan Perez

External Vice President

Hobbies:Cars, from muscle to exotics, we play all day!
Major: Accounting
Member Since: Spring 2007
Favorite Music: I love hip hop, alternative, old school, R&B, and oldies
Goals: I want to own a large nonprofit that create's venue for charity.
Hits: An unselfish heart, animal lovers who wash their hands =D, pretty eyes, cute smile, and people passionate about helping others, especially youth.
Misses:Animal lovers who don't wash their hands =(, self-centered people, and those who are racist.
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: Graduating as a permanent member!
What I Do in AGS: I network with outside businesses by recruiting them into sponsorship. I also conduct TV tapings and assist our Fundraising Coordinator with whatever I can.

"I might not be able to fix the world, but maybe I can inspire the one who does!"

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Share Lin

Recording Secretary

Recording Sect. Share
Nickname: Sharebear
Hobbies: facebooking, shopping, text messaging
Major: Nursing
Member Since: Spring 2009
Favorite Music: Taylor Swift, the Fray, and everything else
Goals: to get into a great college and nursing program
Hits:exploring different places, spending time with friends and family, shopping for good deals
Misses: stress, procrastination, unorganization–OCD!!!!
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: BANQUETSSS
What I Do in AGS: By recording your hours, I make sure you get the hours you deserve and that you qualify for transfer notation. YAY!!!! :)

Dear AGS Members

I am so happy to have this chance to work you. It is going to be an amazing semester so let's make fun and exciting by volunteering and helping out together---AGS STYLE!

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Timothy Lin

Corresponding Secretary

Nickname: Tim
Hobbies: Basketball, Football, Going to the Beach, Climbing Mountains, Playing Piano and Violin, Playing with my Rabbit, flipping off rooftops, swimming
Major: Business Administration
Member Since: Fall 2008
Favorite Music: Hip-hop, R&B, Rock of all kind, Electronic, anything with a good beat
Goals: To become a falconer, travelling to Spain/Japan/England to meet new people, getting ripped, putting my name in history books, becoming flexible enough to fit inside a box
Hits: Chasing beautiful girls all over the world, dogs (huskies!), cats, rabbits, birds, horses, Facebook, sports, video games, Wikipedia, 10-page English Essays, chocolate-covered strawberries, USC football, AGS
Misses: Waking up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy, Martha Stewart, internet trolls, environmentally inconsiderate people, Calculus, UCLA football, peanuts in chocolate, pineapples in pizza/burgers, that vulgar "I Can Make Your Bed Rock" song
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: Pulling an all-nighter for the Rose Parade to scoop horse poop for "all you can eat" In-and-Out Burgers and getting jipped in the end BUT I still had tons of fun
What I Do in AGS: I basically record meeting minutes in case you miss a meeting, update bylaws, and help Share and the executive board in recording Service time/Meeting hours.

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Jia Jun Du


Treasurer Jia Jun Du
Nickname: Jun, dodo
Hobbies: Going to Temple City's Ajisen Ramen, making 2h+ phone calls, distracting from hw, karaoke, criticizing specific people...etc.
Major: Math/Economics
Member Since: Spring 2009
Favorite Music: ....F.I.R.... ; Pop can make me comfortable, Rock can make me excited, Classical can make me serious...and cry....
Goals: Changing my car's audio deck, listening to F.I.R's concert, maximizing my influence.
Hits: Family, working with amazing people, NON-SCARY movies, Chinese history, teaching, advertising, AGS, ....and money!!
Misses: most Hip-Hop and some of R&B, Music that ONLY makes people move, non-scene entertaining, people don't reply text message, slow and fatuous boss(es), boring groupwork.....,
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: The Mentorship March-we spent a month (2 times a wk) on tutoring and inspiring kids in McKinney Elementary School. This event changed my view of volunteering, gave me a chance to be inspired by the amazing leader, and told me how to influence others. Actually, I felt in love with AGS because of this event.
What I Do in AGS: Basically I will see each one of you at least once, because I am in charge of collecting membership dues. Also, I do reimbursements for people who have spent their money for AGS.

Hi AGS. I am honor to be your Treasurer this semester. I would like to get to know each one of you asap. If you have any question in terms of money, math, econ, AGS, how to make friend with me, how to run for a board position, how to forget to bringing pens to class...etc, please approach or email me, and your satisfaction is "Guaranteed."

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Angela Liu

Fundraising Coordinator

Fundraising Coordinator Angela Liu
Hobbies: Going to movies and concerts, shopping, walking, reading, drawing
Major: Business
Member Since: Spring 2009
Favorite Music: Alternative Rock (Evanescence, Muse, The Fray and Jimmy Eat World ) and Classical Music
Goals: short-term: get into the school I want to go: Berkeley or USC; long-term: become someone I want to be, doing something I love doing.
Hits:Get to see my favorite bands' concerts!! Have a great time with friends. Witness a good prank (hehe)
Misses: Insects!!! Eww. Rude people. Cold weather. Calculus. Tests, especially ones involving calculus.
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: Freaking out with my fellow board members before the fall conference.
What I Do in AGS: I am one of the breadwinners who bring home the money : D But to be plain, I organize fundraisers within campus.

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Rachel Miles

Marketing Director

President Victoria
Nickname: Racho
Hobbies: Reading, Fishing, Hiking, Kickin it with mis amigos
Major: English
Member Since: Spring 2009
Favorite Music: The Band, CCR
Goals: Success, Travel, Family (in any order)
Hits: Spain, friends who put up with me, Sierra Nevada, books.
Misses: When I speak too loud or too often. Bad days, when I'm too busy or not busy enough.
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience:
What I Do in AGS: I organize the AGS booth at the PCC Flea Markets. I really enjoy it.

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Garyin Tat

Publicity Art Director

President Victoria
Nickname: Tat-two, GaGa
Hobbies: Go online (Facebook, YouTube and more), catching some Zzzs, TV/Movies, listening to music, and spending time with family and friends
Major: Accounting
Member Since: Fall 2008
Favorite Music: Alternative (The Killers, The Fray, Linkin Park, 3 Doors Down, Daughtry), Hip Hop/R&B (Usher, T-pain, Joe, Jay Z), Pop
Goals: Transfer to USC and then thrive in a career in which I'll make enough $$$ to travel the world
Hits: Family, Friends, sleep/dream...and AGS of course!
Misses: Spiders (bugs in general), spoiled, arrogant, intolerant and disrespectful people
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: Much of it has been memorable, but there is one in particular...the AGS Board Retreat in Santa Monica (the girls on the board know what I'm talking about!)
What I Do in AGS: As the Publicity Art Director, I handle all aspects of publicity. Basically, I am the one who will be designing flyers as well as other promotional items and AGS merchanise (T-shirts, sweaters and more), and I will also make sure that our display case look at its best to attract more students to join AGS.

It is truly my honor and privilege to be able to serve as your Publicity Art Director for 2009-2010. I look forward to meeting every single one of you awesome AGS members. I also want to take this opportunity to welcome all of you new members to our family. I ensure you, this semester is going to be AWESOME!!! Feel free to ask me anything during meetings or whenever you see me. I'll be looking forward to it!

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Branden Sam

Activities Coordinator

President Victoria
Hobbies: Poker, basketball, football, snowboarding, golf, swimming
Major: Economics
Member Since: Spring 2009
Favorite Music: RNB and Classical
Goals: Real states license, MBA
Hits: Music, sports, computers
Misses: Nothing
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: Everything in AGS
What I Do in AGS: Plan and publicize socials and community service events

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Harman Goei

Technology Coordinator

Tech. Coordinator Harman
Nickname: Harman
Hobbies: Rocking out the guitar, Programming the next BIG THING, facebooking, watching HOUSE & the office, rocking out to my latest tunes..
Major: Computer Game Science
Member Since: Fall 2008
Favorite Music: 33.3% kpop like ft island, super junior, cnblue; 33.3% j-rock like ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION, 33.3% pop n' rock
Goals: Graduating from USC, Becoming a rockstar (i wish), Becoming successful in the fields of Computer Science, marrying the girl of my dreams
Hits: Attending an awesome concert, the feeling after you finished something successfully, the Office, HOUSE (Hugh Laurie's a wonderful actor),
Misses: The past and feeling miserable; loneliness.
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience:The Spring Convention
What I Do in AGS: Taking care of, always providing means of communications for members (regardless of their schedule), I also facilitate internet communications between all members and the board, as well as answer e-mail questions regarding some member issues.

As your Technology Coordinator, I will ensure it is my utmost duty to maintain and to also get the word out about AGS events through any forms of communication via Technology. Anyways, if you're interested in what I do, please feel free to talk to me- I won't bite. It's because I am AGS. I am made with 100% honor.

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Willy Yong

Assistant Technology Coordinator

President Victoria
Nickname: I don't have one, but you may come up with one for me :)
Hobbies: Read Manga, facebooking, chat on msn, go out with friends
Major: Computer Science
Member Since: Spring 2009
Favorite Music: Hip Hop
Goals: Get a BS and Work at a gaming company like Blizzard, Rockstar, Valve, Ubisoft, or Sony.
Hits: Any physical activity. Im down for it!!
Misses: People who drive really slow in the carpool lane
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: Actually, almost everything has been memorable. I've enjoyed doing community service along side with ags members.
What I Do in AGS: I support the Technology Coordinator on maintaing the website updated and functional.

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Jacobo Quan

ICC Representative

President Victoria
Hobbies:Playing basketball, playing and watching soccer, going to movie theaters, hanging out with friends.
Major:Business Administration
Member Since: Spring 2009
Favorite Music:All kinds of music
Goals:BA in Business Administration with emphasis in Internation Business from Marshall School of Business - University of Southern California. MBA from Harvard School of Business.
Hits:Joining AGS.
Misses:Caannot think of one as of yet.
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience:
What I Do in AGS:

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