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Tue, Sep 19 2017

Welcome to a new semester with Alpha Gamma Sigma! If you’ve decided you want to be apart of AGS and would like to continue to receive¬†weekly¬†emails about news, updates, and review of our general meetings, please fill in the subscription … Continue reading

Tournament of Roses Internship Program

Sat, Sep 16 2017

Hello everyone, the annual Tournament of Roses Parade is coming up, which means the applications are open! This is a great way to network and get involved with the Pasadena community. By being part of AGS, you do not need … Continue reading

How did we do? Fall 17 Quick Survey

Sun, Aug 06 2017

We’re approaching a fresh semester soon and we would like your feedback on your experience as an AGS member during the Spring 17 semester. If you would like to express your feedback and criticism, please fill out a short and … Continue reading

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